Easter Basket Knitting

I have been busy making lots of knitted goodies for my little girl’s Easter basket. I had a vision of filling it with cute little knits, and so far, I have achieved my goal!

I started with the Little Birds pattern by Katie Startzman. It’s very easy and produces a sweet, realistic little birdie. I opted for a legless bird, since they would probably be ripped off first. I’m hoping the delicate little felt beak will stay on for more than a day! ūüôā

Baby Birdsedit

Number two finished knit is the adorable Knit Bunnies¬†pattern by Artsy Fartsy Mama. It is a quick knit¬†reminiscent¬†of washcloth bunnies that my mom made for our Easter parties at school. This is an easy design, as it’s a garter stitch square that is cleverly sewn to make a bunny. What’s not to love? With a little embellishments for a face and tail, it’s done in a jiffy! I’m planning on making a few more of these to give away as prizes for our family’s annual Easter party.

Easter Bunnies 2

My final completed project is from the book Itty Bitty Toys¬†by¬†Susan B. Anderson. This book is a must have if you like knitting toys!¬†I pretty much love anything she designs, and¬†Egg to Bluebird and a Little Nest Too¬†has got to be one of my favorites. It’s so clever and easy to make. I was surprised at how quickly I completed this toy. The instructions are also very well written! I can’t wait to make more reversible toys for my girl and her friend!

Baby Bird in a Nest

Baby Bird in a Nest 3

Thanks to Pinterest and Ravelry I have an over abundance of  Easter crafting inspiration! I hope to share more finished projects soon!


Jiffy Leg Warmers

Jiffy Legwarmers

How cute are little chubby toddler legs clad in itty bitty legwarmers? I came across a nice and easy pattern for chunky warm leg warmers for girls, Little Girls’ Leg Warmers. I wish I had thought of this, it’s so clever and to the point as far as knitting goes. I love the look of them and I can see myself making lots of these in all colors! Oh, and they make perfect car or TV knitting!

Jiffy Legwarmers (2)

I decided to go with an acrylic yarn…these are for a 2 year old, after all. They need to be heavy duty in the wear and tear department. I chose a nice bright red, perfect for wearing with Christmas outfits!¬†Lion Brand Jiffy worked great and my daughter hasn’t complained about any itchies. They are also just the right size to wear over tights or pants, even if they were a bit on the scratchy side.

I am looking forward to making more of these in different yarns, and who knows, I may just try some in my size!

Jiffy Legwarmers (3)