Fall Nature Walk

Nature Walk

We love to go on weekend adventures! Most of our destinations require travel time in the car. It seems most of the interesting places we like to visit (zoos, aquariums, etc.) are at least a good 45 minutes away. However, we decided to revisit a local state park that is only ten minutes from our home. We used to make frequent trips when my parents had an RV, and would camp there on weekends, but haven’t been since my daughter J was born.

Lake Skinner turned out to be a nice place to spend an afternoon picnicking and exploring. It was rather quiet for a holiday weekend. We had a nice lunch under a group of very shady Coast Live Oaks. We found lots of acorns on the ground and talked about how they grew to be trees. J also enjoyed hunting for acorns with their “hats” still on.

Nature Walk

We were surprised to discover a huge bee hive up in the trees above our picnic spot.  We brought J’s binoculars for bird watching, but they proved useful for bee watching as well. The bee hive discovery was pretty exciting and she has talked about it several times this week, so it definitely made an impression!

Nature Walk

After lunch we walked a trail that winds through the park. We saw several different kinds of birds and I was able to photograph a few of them.

Nature Walk

Nature WalkI’m planning on identifying as many as I can and adding them to our nature book, as well as a few of the plants. We also walked down to the lake and watched some fishermen load their boats onto trailers.

After that, it was on to the playground…but not before a stop to play in a pile of huge crunchy leaves!

Nature WalkI’m glad we found a place to visit, that is close to home and where we can get out in nature! We will definitely be frequenting this park, and maybe next time we will spot the Blue Footed Boobie! 🙂


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