Having Fun Creating Tot Books

My daughter and I recently finished making two very cute “Tot Books.” I discovered these fun printables while searching for activities for my five year old nephew. Auntie is sort of in charge of finding fun extra curricular supplements for his homeschool lessons. My searching was fruitful, for I found two great tot books for my daughter. All of these are courtesy of the incredibly extensive 1plus1plus1equals1. I can say for certain that this is one of my top go to resource sites for fun and engaging ideas to do with our kids.

Our first project is the Little Einsteins Tot Book.  The Little Einsteins are pretty popular here at our house, so I was thrilled to find these printables and even happier to see that they could be made into a little lapbook. We have created a lapbook together before and my daughter and I both enjoyed the process very much. This little pack includes coloring, shapes, matching, ABCs, and some dot marker sheets. I kind of designed my own layout for putting all of the pieces together in the folder. I like making cards with the smaller pieces, by gluing them to some card stock (and sometimes laminating), for more durability. We even found a nice Little Einsteins picture to glue to the cover. Overall, we were both pleased with the final product and my daughter was quite proud to show it off to Daddy when he got home!

Little Einsteins Tot Book Little Einsteins Tot Book

The second project we made is the Nemo Tot Book. Again, big Nemo fans here.  This one has cute little alphabet and color cards, which I also decided to back with card stock. It also has a fun booklet to make with many of the other Nemo characters and their names. My daughter decorated the front cover with some clown fish stickers we found at the good ol’ dollar store. I had a little trouble getting all of my pockets, etc., to stay put in the book, hence the tape. I’m not going to fret over the small imperfections…my daughter thinks it’s great! 🙂 

Nemo Tot Book

Nemo Tot BookNemo Tot Book


Again, many thanks go to 1plus1plus1equals1 for all of the wonderful resources!


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