Nature At Work

We were spectators to a most interesting sight the other day in our school garden. Grandma happened to notice a large praying mantis under one of the equally large sunflowers. He was exciting enough to watch, sitting stoically, occasionally turning his little alien like head to watch us humans. My daughter and my nephew found him fascinating and chatted excitedly.

But the show was about to get even better. Right before our eyes he reached up his little praying mantis arms and caught a wasp, in flight, right out of the air! He then promptly started munching on his fresh snack. We were all watching this in astonishment! This really got the kids going, and prompted about one hundred questions concerning the wasp and the praying mantis. 🙂

Praying Mantis Praying Mantis

It was quite the impromptu science/nature lesson for the day…and a great photo op! We are definitely going to add the praying mantis to our nature book, although I think I’ll leave out the headless wasp.


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