San Diego Safari Park: 8-25-13

This trip to the Safari Park was all about flowers and birds. We decided to take a little detour off the beaten path to a few places we haven’t visited in quite a while. Our first stop was the Epiphyllum House.

San Diego Safari Park Epiphullum Bloom

This is a lovely walk through area with hundreds of Epiphyllum varieties on display. Throughout the entire walk we only saw one lovely bloom. It was a bright and gorgeous red, with the tiniest little snail sitting on one of the petals. J was so interested in this and wanted to look at and smell the flower. It made me quite happy to see her enthusiasm!

Epiphyluum Bloom

We thought we would escape the heat over in the Conifer Forest, only to discover it was pretty bare due to construction on the new Tiger Trail exhibit.  It is usually very lush with a creek that runs throughout the area. Oh well, it was still shady and we did enjoy our lunch in a really quiet and secluded picnic ground. J loved running around and discovering all that nature had to offer and getting her clothes and feet nice and dirty in the process!

San Diego Safari Park Conifer Forest Water Lily

After lunch we walked up to Condor Ridge. Along the way we saw the majestic Bald Eagles. They were resting near the trail so we had an excellent view of them.

San Diego Safari Park Bald Eagle

We also saw an Ocelot being fed and a Western Harris Hawk perched in a tree branch.

San Diego Safari Park Western Harris Hawk

The walk up to Condor Ridge is along a wooden bridge quite high up. This area provides a lovely panorama view and gives a good idea of the expanse of the park. After the trek you are rewarded with a close up view of the California Condors perched in trees and atop rocks.

San Diego Safari Park Condor Ridge

There is also a Bighorn Sheep enclosure. We watched a baby sheep hopping along the rocks during our visit.

San Diego Safari Park Bighorn Sheep

It turned out to be incredibly hot and muggy for Southern California and we didn’t do much sight seeing after this. Many of the animals were smarter than we and were asleep in the shade! I’m looking forward to a break in the heat when we can go to the San Diego Zoo and see what’s new!


2 thoughts on “San Diego Safari Park: 8-25-13

  1. Wow…mad photography skills…these pictures are BEAUTIFUL!! My hubby and I went to the San Diego Zoo a few months ago, and I would move there in a heartbeat (San Diego of course, not the zoo). 😄

    • Aw, thanks!
      Yes, San Diego and the Zoo are gorgeous, not to mention the weather is almost always perfect! We have a membership to the zoo and go as often as we can (it’s about a 40 min. drive) because the homeschool opportunities there abound!
      So nice to hear from you! 🙂

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