Sunflowers & Pickles

The kids have been growing a garden at my parents house as part of our home school.  They have devoted half of their backyard to a very nice little veggie and flower patch. The kids have been learning about planting seeds, watering and daily care for their plants.

After a couple of months of steady attention our little school garden is beginning to produce some veggies. The kids were delighted and so proud to pick enough beans, cucumber and peppers for an entire meal, not to mention several jars of pickles. My daughter has been fascinated with pickle making and really enjoys helping Mama in the kitchen.

Homemade Pickles

Our other exciting development in the garden are our Skyscraper Sunflowers blooms. Two of the sunflowers have opened up and they are so lovely! It’s rather incredible how tall these flowers get so quickly.  There is corn planted right next to them and, between the two, it’s like a little fort the kids can play in.




We are now looking forward to the corn harvest and more sunflower blooms!


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