San Diego Safari Park 8-4-13

King Izu at the San Diego Safari Park

Our trip to the Safari Park this week was all about the lions. They were in rare form while we were watching them, which mean they were awake! These guys can sleep almost 21 hours a day, so most visits we catch them during a snoozing session. However, this time we got to see Izu and his ladies, Mina and Oshana, somewhat active.

Mina & Oshana San Diego Safari Park

King Izu San Diego Safari Park

King Izu San Diego Safari Park

We also checked out the brand new exhibit Lemur Walk. I’m sure this can be exciting, but while we were there…not so much. Apparently it was lemur nap time. At least they were still for pictures!

Lemur Walk San Diego Safari Park

Lemur Walk San Diego Safari Park

Another new addition to the Nairobi Village area is the Village Playground. It is built to simulate an African village, with drums to play, a small plant maze, a build-a-hut and lots of water! My daughter, J, had the best time turning the water wheel and filling her jug…as did every kid there! It’s a nice interactive area to keep the little ones busy and to take a break from walking.

Village Playground San Diego Safari Park

The Summer Safari at the park is in full swing. There are daily shows with acrobats and dancers, lots of delicious food and activities for the kids. It runs until August 18th, so if you are in the Escondido,CA area, spend the day at the Safari Park!

Summer Safari San Diego Safari Park


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