All About Bugs Week: Nature Walk & Bug House

Even though it’s summer, we are prepping my five year old nephew for homeschool kindergarten for the Fall. My daughter is 3, but she is going right along with the lessons and thriving on it! I can’t begin to say how happy that makes my heart!

My mom and I have put together a morning school at her house and have found great success with theme weeks. We decided to focus on bugs for one week and it was a hit!

One of the activities we did was build a bug house and have a nature walk. My mom came up with this very cute idea. A re-purposed little wooden box serves as a new model bug abode. My dad generously donated one of his guitar accessory boxes. Of course, any kind of box will work provided it’s able to withstand the elements outside for a while. You then fill it will all kinds of natural material that a bug would be attracted to for making it his home.

This is where the nature walk part come in.

We took my daughter to a shady green belt area in the neighborhood to collect items to fill the bug house. We picked up leaves, sticks, plant material and pine cones. The pine cones were definitely her favorite and we ended up bringing home way more than we needed!

Build A Bug House

Prize Pine Cone

Bug House-1-2

Grandma let her fill up the box with her found treasures and we placed it in the garden by a nice shady tree. The idea is to let it sit for a few days/weeks and then look inside to see what kind of bugs have taken up residence. I’m hopeful no spiders will decide to move in, although the kids would probably love that!

Build A Bug House

Bug House Before Renovation

My parents weren’t happy with the curb appeal for the bug house and fancied it up a bit. 🙂

Build A Bug House

Bug House After HGTV Yard Crashers

I think this is such a cute idea and a great way to get children interested in observing nature. My daughter was very excited to take part in each step  of this activity. It was also a wonderful way to get out in the fresh air and enjoy the day together!

Build A Bug House

Inspecting the Bug House with a Magnifying Glass


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