Under the Sea Week – “Sea Grass”

We had another exciting theme week at our homeschool…”Under the Sea!” We decided to devote this week’s lessons to the ocean and sea creatures.

We started off with an ocean sensory bin. This was such a huge hit with the kids (and the adults I might add!) We found a great article on Growing A Jeweled Rose about using cooked spaghetti for sensory play.

Spaghetti Sea Grass

My mom just cooked a few boxes of dollar store spaghetti and added a little blue food coloring. We also made a green batch for the next day, since it was so popular! The water table made the perfect container for the “sea grass” as it came to be known. We added a little water and it worked perfectly to keep the spaghetti from getting sticky.

Spaghetti Sea Grass

Spaghetti Sea Grass

We hid the assorted sea creatures in the “sea grass” and I got the kids each a mini fishing pole to catch them with. It was much more fun, though, to just grab handfuls and go through it with their fingers! They found and hid the little creatures over and over! We also discussed the sea creature’s names as well. They played in the water table for more than an hour and my nephew even insisted on taking some of the spaghetti home to show his mom. 🙂 I would call that success!

Fishing for Sea Creatures in  Spaghetti Sea Grass

Sea Creatures

The afternoon was topped off with an ocean jello snack with little fish inside, made by my sister.

Ocean Jello Snack


1 pack assorted plastic fish

2 fishing pole games with asst. fish (similar to this, but non magnetic)

2 growing sea creatures

1 large whale figure

gems and pebbles

beach seashells

Almost all the items we used were found at our local dollar store or were re-purposed from around the house.

This was an excellent way to get our sea themed week started and really inspired the kids! I’m sure we will be finding ways to incorporate this play idea into more discover bins!


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