“All About Frogs Day” at Grandma’s

My nephew just turned five and is going to be starting home-school kindergarten in the Fall. In prep for that, my mom has been helping for a couple of hours each morning with “school.” My little girl, J, usually gets to join in the fun for an hour too. She wants to do everything her big cousin can do! The kids have really been enjoying this and my mom and I are also having a great time coming up with interesting and fun learning experiences for them to do together.

Frogs Day (1)

We have never done a sensory box before, but it looked like so much fun and something so suited to our kids, that we just had to give it a try. We decided on a frog theme after seeing this terrific example from Little Bins for Little Hands. We just used a disposable pan from the dollar store to hold all of our goodies. It included frogs, pebbles, a tree branch and a few lizards and dinosaurs…because why not? 🙂 My mom also put about an inch of water in the pan to add to the frog like habitat!

Frogs Day (3)

All of these items were from the dollar store or things we already had around the house. I believe that is the beauty of these kinds of discovery containers, putting together everyday items in new and exciting ways.

Frogs Day (4)

They really had fun picking each item up and digging through the pebbles. J especially liked grouping the frogs and lizards into separate piles and naming their colors.

Frogs Day (10) copy

Frogs Day (13)

Frogs Day (5)

There was also pictures with a frog theme for the kids to paint. My mom just made several copies of a coloring book page so they would have a couple each. They actually sat still long enough and worked right alongside each other to create their masterpieces.

Frogs Day (16)

Frogs Day (34)

We are looking forward to having another “learn all about” day at Grandma’s, this time with an ocean theme. I’ll be sure to share the results soon! If you haven’t made a sensory bin before, please give it a try! I had no idea of the enjoyment and learning the kids would get out of it. The themes and the amount of creativity you can put into each one are limitless!

Pinterest, of course, is a great place to browse for a wealth of inspiration and here are a few of my favorite sensory bin ideas:

Sensory Play Party ForKids  – Growing A Jeweled Rose

Water Beads Sensory Bin: A Photo Story  – Little Bins for Little Hands

Goodnight Moon Sensory   – The Adventures of Bear


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