San Diego Safari Park 4-28-13

Our trip to the Safari Park this past Sunday was all about the cheetahs! We saw plenty of beautiful and exciting things, as we always do, but the cheetahs stole the show.

These two were lounging in their enclosure when we first walked up. They looked quite majestic stretched out under a shady tree.

WAP 4-28-13 (4)

Then, as we were about to take off, two keepers entered their area. This caused a bit of a stir, with one of the cheetahs showing a bit of teeth.

WAP 4-28-13 (5)

The two keepers stayed off to the side for a while, but the big cats kept an eye on them.

Keeping watch on the keepers

This was exciting for us, because it offered a great photo opportunity. It was also nice to see them walking around instead of two napping cats…which is what we mostly see. And, my daughter could get a good view from the stroller as well.

WAP 4-28-13 (6)

We enjoyed a terrific lunch of chicken and honey mustard dipping sauce with a side of coleslaw made with homemade mayo. It certainly gave us plenty of energy for more walking and running…


and more running…:)

While J was running her daddy silly, I was able to get a few pictures of some lovely giraffes quietly eating and the rhinos enjoying a cooling mud bath.

Giraffe Tripod

WAP 4-28-13 (8)

The newest baby rhino, I believe his name is Kayode, was also out with his mama.

WAP 4-28-13 (10)

He was galloping and playing…much like my baby!

WAP 4-28-13 (9)

Right before we left we saw an animal encounter talk with a beautiful Tawny Frogmouth. He was very dignified and had such an “owl-y” expression!

WAP 4-28-13

There is always something fun and exciting to see at the San Diego Safari Park!


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