San Diego Safari Park 3-24-13

This trip to the San Diego Safari Park turned out to be a lazy and meandering walk through the park.  We took it slow and took notice of little things like:

WAP 3-24-13 (23)

Beautiful exotic plants and huge bumble bees buzzing flowers.

We managed to miss all of the animal encounters, but we got to see two large cats in a car, doing what they do best…

WAP 3-24-13 (10)

Mina & Oshana

napping in the afternoon sun!

We saw just about the whole herd of elephants being let into their enclosure to eat.

WAP 3-24-13 (8)


We fed and admired the ducks.

WAP 3-24-13 (4)


And, we enjoyed watching the big yellow Balloon Safari go up and down!

WAP 3-24-13 (40)


Sometimes it’s nice to just walk at a slower pace and not do anything in particular. That’s another reason I love the membership pass to the park. I don’t feel that we have to do everything in one visit. It takes the pressure off to “have fun!” The Hubby and I agree, it’s got to be one of the best values for a season pass in Southern California.

San Diego Safari Park

San Diego Safari Park



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