Jiffy Leg Warmers

Jiffy Legwarmers

How cute are little chubby toddler legs clad in itty bitty legwarmers? I came across a nice and easy pattern for chunky warm leg warmers for girls, Little Girls’ Leg Warmers. I wish I had thought of this, it’s so clever and to the point as far as knitting goes. I love the look of them and I can see myself making lots of these in all colors! Oh, and they make perfect car or TV knitting!

Jiffy Legwarmers (2)

I decided to go with an acrylic yarn…these are for a 2 year old, after all. They need to be heavy duty in the wear and tear department. I chose a nice bright red, perfect for wearing with Christmas outfits! Lion Brand Jiffy worked great and my daughter hasn’t complained about any itchies. They are also just the right size to wear over tights or pants, even if they were a bit on the scratchy side.

I am looking forward to making more of these in different yarns, and who knows, I may just try some in my size!

Jiffy Legwarmers (3)






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