Picking In Oak Glen

We visited one of our favorite Fall destinations last weekend, Oak Glen, CA. Tucked away in the San Bernardino Mountains, this little town specializes in all things apples. There are many farms with U-Pick orchards and stands selling everything from apple cider to antiques. We visit mainly for the fresh cider, but this year we decided to take our daughter picking. Along with her cousin, they had the best day running through the trees, picking and hauling their bag of apples to the car.

We visited the Los Rios Rancho for our apple picking experience. The staff were very friendly and helpful. The orchard is set against the most beautiful backdrop of mountains and clear blue sky. they had several varieties to pick, but we chose Rome Beauty to fill our bag.

Los Rios Rancho Orchards

We also visited one of our favorite stops, Snow Line Orchards. They have a lovely cherry -apple cider that is so sweet and delicious. They also make the most fantastic apple cider mini doughnuts! The Scottish Society of the Inland Empire was having their annual picnic and we were able to hear some very nice bagpipe music!

We have another orchard that is our #1 favorite… Law’s. This place has the best apple cider, hands down. We always get the unfiltered apple cider and the stuff is like liquid gold! I can’t say enough about it, but if you happen to make a trip to Oak Glen Village, don’t leave without trying Law’s apple cider! They also have the attached Law’s Coffee Shop, that serves a crumb top apple pie that is too delicious for words! Mr. Law’s Apple Stand has bagged apples in many varieties. It’s also the best priced that we have found.

Mr. Law’s Apple Stand

If you find yourself wanting to get into the Autumn spirit and need an apple fix, visit Oak Glen and enjoy all they have to offer!


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