Fall Candle Jar On A Dollar

I love reading blogs dedicated to dollar store crafting. Some people are so clever and it’s great that they share their creativity with the masses. I’m not one to immediately see the potential in a Halloween skeleton or a Spongebob hook. So I thank these crafty individuals who inspire me to think creatively while perusing those aisles.

Fall is around the corner, at least I think it is. You never know in Southern California! I really wanted to do something to spice up my mantle, but for very little cost. I found this idea on Pinterest and loved the way it looked. I just happened to have all the supplies needed, except for some cute leaves. As I mentioned, it’s not exactly cool enough for Fall where I live and the trees aren’t even thinking about dropping beautiful orange and yellow leaves for me to collect. That’s where the Dollar Tree comes in handy! I picked up a bag of pretty little leaves and, using good ol’ Mod Podge, decoupaged them to a glass jar I had shoved into a cupboard. Although I slathered the stuff on the glass and the leaves, they were a bit stiff and didn’t want to completely adhere…I still like the effect, though. One detail I didn’t expect was the slightly frosted look the Mod Podge created on the glass after it dried. I put a candle in it and it glowed a beautiful soft orange hue. It took me about a day to make allowing for the drying time. I just worked on it when I had a few moments to spare for crafting. This is a fun and quick project that would also be great for kids too!


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