Toddler DVD Busy Wallet

Or A Method for Keeping Your DVDs From Being Destroyed by a Two Year Old!



This is pretty simple idea born of necessity.  I’m sure anyone out there with a curious toddler, like myself, has run into the problem of keeping DVDs from becoming a scratched and ruined mess. We are fortunate enough to have a portable DVD player for car trips and a special wallet full of my daughter’s favorite shows for said DVD player. The trouble arises when she wants to flip through the movies and play them herself. I’m all for her learning the valuable skill of operating a DVD player, but until Fisher Price comes out with a big, chunky, plastic DVD, I’m stuck with scratchy barely playable movies…which creates a whole new problem!

Anyway, I must credit my super smart Hubby for this one. He happens to be one of those guys who can fix anything on a computer and has the software collection to prove it! Of course, a lot of those programs and such go out of date pretty fast, leaving us with a box full of junky computer software discs. Well, those found a new life in the form of a toddler busy wallet!

He found an ugly, unused DVD wallet in the depths of his home office and filled it with all of those old discs. I’m thinking this would also be  a good use for those free DVDs you get in the mail or in game magazines. This has proven to be a fun and engaging activity for her. She enjoys emptying and refilling as much as her heart desires! Easy and cheap and uses stuff we already have around the house…I must love!



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